Lan Thị Nguyễn

Born and raised in the United States to Vietnamese parents, I navigate the world as an American with a Vietnamese heritage. My multifaceted identities allow me view and navigate the world from different perspectives.

I am a farmer, community advocate, educator, and researcher who has worked and lived in California, Washington, England, Mali, Philippines, and Việt Nam. My family has roots in Hải Phòng and Đòng Nai, Việt Nam. They fled both places after multiple wars and finally resettled in America.

My mother continued her ancestral practices of subsistence farming and adapted her techniques on different soils. When I asked my mother how she learned how to grow fruits and vegetables she said, “In my homeland, young girls follow their mothers around and learn how to cultivate, nourish, and harvest crops.” Those skills were passed down to me and my siblings as we worked alongside our mother on our family farm in Southern California where I grew up. We also worked with our father building greenhouses, setting up the irrigation system, and turning soil. My upbringing and cultural heritage informs my work and practice.

On a fun note, I like playing in the dirt and sand. I prefer eating tree ripened fruit and freshly cut vegetables than produce bought in stores. I enjoy running long distances with friends. I think summers are always way too short and humidity is underrated. I am hard wired for the tropics and I call the Pacific Northwest home.